Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eight years in eight posts

Memes were all the rage in the early days of blogging, but they seem to have died out. Which is a shame, as they were one way new bloggers could tell us something about themselves and feel they were joining the club.

So well done to Caron's Musings for starting a new meme - Five Years in Five Posts - looking at what she was writing at roughly this time of year over the last five years. Already Jennie Rigga certain fluffy elephant and Nicholas Whyte have taken up the challenge.

As I have been blogging for far too long, my version will be Eight Years in Eight Posts. Wherever possible I have chosen a post from 15 May itself...

15 May 2011. I celebrated 12-year-old Chris Whitehead's actions in going to school in a skirt to protest against not being allowed to wear shorts and took the opportunity to reproduce a few paragraphs from an essay on children's rights I wrote in 2006.

15 May 2010. I took readers to see the Clegg family pyramid in the Ukraine.

15 May 2009. In a House Points column for Liberal Democrat news I argued that Michael Martin was the worst Speaker in modern times.

15 May 2008. The leader of the Labour group on Sefton District Council won my Overblown Claim of the Week award.

15 May 2007. A short post sent you to information about the 11 people known to have been killed by earthquakes in Britain.

15 May 2006. In a post entitled "A lion has eaten our Oaten" I documented another stage in the decline of the then Lib Dem MP for Winchester.

15 May 2005. I pointed out how little Labour's banning of fox hunting had been raised on the doorstep during the recent general election campaign - even in Market Harborough.

16 May 2004. A news story about a Thameslink train driver who caused two terror alerts when he mistook a didgeridoo for a grenade launcher caught my attention.

Thanks to Caron for the idea. I think it has caught this blog's concerns and eccentricities rather well.

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