Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Curbing Westminster's drinking culture

The Commons Commission is making moves to curb the drinking culture at Westminster following Eric Joyce's conviction (and lenient sentencing) for punching and headbutting other MPs and their guests in Strangers' Bar.

According to the Independent:
Commons staff are being ordered to top up MPs' glasses less frequently amid concerns over the drinking culture at Westminster. 
They will also receive training on how to refuse to serve drunken customers, and opening hours of bars on the estate could also be curtailed.
James Kirkup has the new policy in full. The Commons Commission is chaired by the Speaker, John Bercow.

An alternative explanation for that evening's unfortunate events is suggested by Eric Joyce's old French teacher, George McMillan, as quoted in the Daily Record:
Shamed MP Eric Joyce turned into a drunken brawler because he didn’t get belted at school, his old teacher claimed yesterday. 
Retired George McMillan said Joyce, 51, who boasted he got a 'buzz' from fighting, escaped corporal punishment from teachers because his mum forbade it. 
The former French master said: “The anti-corporal punishment lobby always used as their main argument that violence begets violence. In Eric’s case … the opposite is the case."

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