Tuesday, May 15, 2012

J.W. Logan's suffragette daughters

Nina Boyd has been continuing her researches and writes to tell me:
It seems that it was Isabel who was the subject of the exchange in the House about prison conditions for suffragettes (your blog 10 July 2011). Isabel was arrested and imprisoned in June 1908. 
Nora was arrested on 21 November 1911, but there is no evidence for her going to prison apart from the notoriously unreliable 'Roll of Honour of Suffragette Prisoners 1905-1914', a list compiled in about 1950 based on the recollections of former suffragettes.


Anonymous said...

Isabel and Nora Logan were my Great Aunt. I used to stay with Great Aunt Billy (as she was known) in her farmhouse on Peppard Common, near Reading. She was a commanding lady with definite political views. I am really proud of her exploits! If she were alive now she would be leading a demo - and throwing Bricks for Freedom. Great Aunt Norah was a founder member of The Antivivisection Society (the League of Pity was the children's branch). She lived in Regents Park - visiting the house was like stepping back in time to the Victorian era. She was petite, gentle but firm. My grandmother Ruth Burgess (nee Logan) was their sister. We lived with her in East Langton during WW2. Another sister was Great Aunt Ida, who also lived on Peppard Common adjacent to Isabel. Ida was a great sport and used to take pot shots at grey squirrels from her sitting room window. The eldest - May - who I never knew - was a great horsewoman and rider to hounds and who died as the result of a fall out hunting. My Grand Mother (Ruth) was a Gladstonian liberal, hated Churchill, and voted Labour in the 1945 General Election. Should anyone want to know anymore - let me know!

Jonathan Calder said...

Yes, I would love to know more!

You can email me at bonkers.hall@btinternet.com