Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rear-Admiral Morgan-Giles is still with us

Lord Glenamara - better known as Ted Short - died last week at the age of 99. At the time of his death he was the oldest former MP. On Twitter Michael Crick asked who now holds that title.

The last time this came up was in a post on Iain Dale's Diary in January 2009, but the names banded about then - James Allason, William Wilson - have since died.

Michael Crick suggested that the new holder might be Denis Healey (born 30 August 1917), while my own first thought was John Freeman (born 19 February 1915), the last survivor of the 1945 House of Commons.

But Crick later came up with another name: Rear-Admiral Sir Morgan Charles Morgan-Giles DSO, OBE, GM DL (born 19 June 1914).

I can remember the days, 40 years ago, when Rear-Admiral Morgan Giles appeared regularly on television. And he seemed like a complete dinosaur then in his views and manner of speaking. I was astounded, though secretly a little pleased, to learn that he is still with us today

The oldest living former Liberal MP is Lord Mackie of Benshie (born 10 July 1919).

Unless, of course, you know different.

Later. Rear Admiral Morgan Giles died on 4 May 2013 - his obituary was in the Daily Telegraph. This leaves John Freeman as the oldest former MP.

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