Saturday, May 05, 2012

Six of the Best 246

David Hencke  celebrates the role of bloggers in the downfall of Brian Coleman.

Jerry Hayes on Dale & Co. has little time for the idea that Boris Johnson is a future Conservative leader: "The women love him for that little sexual frisson that ladies of a certain age have when confronted with an old roué or sitting on a spin dryer. And the men? Well, it is a mixture of admiration and envy that the old boy can actually get away with being so outrageous. But if you are looking for someone with more than a gnat's attention to detail, who would prefer to work through and implement a policy rather than swan around being a celebrity, he is not your man."

"When Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union, called for opposition to all three main political parties, he received a standing ovation. But how many NUT members followed his advice when they voted?" Fred Jarvis, writing on the TES website, is not impressed with the current conduct of the National Union of Teachers' affairs.

Subterranea Britannica explores the Camden Catacombs.

Former world championship challenger Nigel Short is interviewed by Chess Events EAC about chess in East Africa.

Pub Games has the good sense to visit the Red Cow in Market Harborough.

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Mark said...

Thanks for the mention Jonathan, more Market Harborough Pub Game images here:

I was in the George at Ashley yesterday playing Pushpenny with a friend as the local Dominoes regulars shuffled and rattled next to a gloriously crackling log fire. Needless to say I'd forgotten to bring my camera!