Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Six of the Best 245

"Cameron started his premiership by placing great emphasis upon adherence to the Ministerial Code as a mechanism to deliver higher standards of behaviour in Government. His refusal to refer the Hunt case to Alex Allan to investigate whether the Code has been breached looks hypocritical." Alex's Archives ponders the latest development in the case of Jeremy Hunt.

John Pugh, Lib Dem MP for Southport, calls for Vince Cable to be made Chancellor on PoliticsHome.

Fleet Street Fox writes on the inexorable rise in the cost of the Olympics: "None of this was mentioned in 2005. Then it was all property prices, David Beckham in a suit and 10-year-old children saying they wanted to win a gold medal."

It's worse than that. On Ceasefire Ashok Kumar reveals a consistent pattern of the Games being used to restructure the host city to the exclusion of its working class and ethnic minority residents.

Go Litel Blog, Go... samples the gentler sporting fare of county cricket at Trent Bridge. But there is always Steve Kirby: "In his maturity, his act is now more like a wrestler in the Mick McManus mould, prowling the boundary and engaging in pantomime banter with the crowd. He did shape up to throw the ball at the batsman a couple of times, but you know he isn’t actually going to do it these days."

In other news, Andrew Millard proves that you are almost certainly descended from Edward III.

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