Saturday, February 02, 2013

Six of the Best 319

Liberal Democrats against Secret Courts has Jo Shaw's reply to Nick Clegg's latest Letter from the Leader: "The government amendments were a test of the good faith of those who support this Bill. That test has been failed. The government amendments make this Bill worse, not better."

The Conservatives should stop obsessing about constituency boundaries and try to broaden their appeal, argues David Skelton on Platform 10.

D.J. Taylor, the author of Orwell: The Life, talks about George Orwell’s attitude to free speech and his encounters with censorship in a podcast on the Index on Censorship site.

"The SWP are not socialist. Their only powerbase, in the redbrick universities, suggests the term ‘workers’ is a little suspect too. They are dangerously wrong about everything, from the Middle East to gay rights. They could be easily dismissed, like people who think they’re white witches, if not for their capacity to hoodwink young people who genuinely want to change the world, and instead send them out to sell papers outside Tescos." So says Paul Richards on Progress.

"Wanna tell the whole Wagner/Verdi 2013 bicentennial onslaught to suck it?" asks Opera Chic before advising us to head to the Suffolk Coast this summer for the 66th edition of Benjamin Britten's Aldeburgh Festival."

Floydsworld photographs the magnificent ruins of Kirklinton Hall.

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