Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Six of the Best 323

"I am not a number: I am
a free dog."
In the face of a renewed attempt by the government (whoever you vote for they get in) to introduce a doggie database, Martin Tod revisits a speech he made to the Liberal Democrat Conference a decade ago "If ID cards are going to be complicated, bureaucratic and expensive for people – why are they not going to be complicated, bureaucratic and expensive for dogs?"

Liberal Democrats against Secret Courts presents more evidence of British complicity in torture.

" I've applied for countless jobs since November, and had no interviews. Most companies don’t even acknowledge receipt of application forms (even the ones that require you to spend hours – sometimes days – answering their endless, open-ended questions), never mind tell me I wasn’t successful. I just deduce it from their silence." MadamJ-Mo on the miserable world of job seeking.

Stumbling and Mumbling is characteristically interesting: "The conservative disposition is a valuable intellectual tradition. It would be a great shame if it were discredited by its association with anti-gay bigotry."

"School shootings were almost unheard of before the SSRIs appeared on the scene. Correlation is not causation but in between this and the next blog post I will be laying out the evidence that antidepressants cause violence up to and including homicide at two lectures in Chicago," says Dr David Healy.

Swindon in the Past Lane visits Coleshill Model Farm.

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