Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Six of the Best 327

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Viewing the Rennard crisis from afar, Living on Words Alone points to a wider problem in the Liberal Democrats: "We really do not value the input of our members and supporters properly. Most local parties only use people as delivery or canvassing machines, a small clique carry on running the local party and new ideas are frowned upon. Nationally the party makes almost no effort to engage with the membership - other than to ask them for cash."

Cathy Newman, who broke the Chris Rennard story on Channel 4 News, reminds us in the Daily Telegraph that it’s not just the Lib Dems who have a problem with sexism: it’s endemic at Westminster.

"I would so love to throw myself into wholehearted support for this concept, as most of my fellow writers in this magazine do, but every time we get more detail about the project, my scepticism, born of my training at university in economics, simply increases." Christian Wolmar is not impressed by the plans for HS2.

Lisa Belkin on Huffington Post argues that the ban on homeworking imposed by the new chief executive of Yahoo! is the exact opposite of what she should be doing.

Love London Council Housing visits the Carpenters Estate in Stratford, close to the London 2012 Olympic park. It's residents are being moved out so it can make way for a new university campus. As one residents says:  "We've been living next to a construction site for the last six years, and now just when we're about to get all the benefits of that - living next to a new royal park - we're being forced to move out."

Westminster Cathedral's part in Hitchock's 1940 thriller "Foreign Correspondent" is celebrated by Solomon, I Have Surpassed Thee.

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Anonymous said...

My experience as a member of some 18 years standing in the Richmond and Twickenham Party exactly mirrors what LBWO says about cliques and the membership.