Friday, February 22, 2013

Six of the Best 325

The Liberal Democrats have not responded adequately to the allegations against Chris Rennard, argues Stephen Tall on Liberal Democrat Voice.

While Niall Paterson on Sky News is not impressed by the obstructive way the BBC has set about releasing the findings of the Pollard Review: "The fact is, media organisations tend to be pretty media-savvy. When you see the BBC behaving like this, it's difficult to argue anything other than that they knew exactly what they were doing."

Joint Public Issues Team says the Liberal Democrats should show their true colours on the Energy Bill

Gavin Kelly, on the New Statesman site, asks if we have seen the end of pledge-card politics. Let's hope we have.

English PEN marks the first anniversary of Pussy Riot's demonstration in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

"The Crane Corridor is a 5km-long linear corridor of open space around the River Crane, extending from the east of Heathrow Airport, though Hounslow Heath to Twickenham within the Greater London area. As a Site of Metropolitan Importance, a unique assemblage of dry and wet habitats (i.e. woodland, scrubland, reedbed, meadow and ponds) borders it on both sides, however it is predominantly a wooded corridor." Creative about the Environment on an important wildlife oasis in London.

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