Friday, February 08, 2013

Six of the Best 321

"It's a bizarre circumstance that the Conservatives ... have chosen a candidate who appears opposed to it and its leader. As well as declaring against Gay Marriage, Lords Reform and Abortion rights - all key elements of the Cameroon modernisation agenda and part of the Tory General Election Manifesto she fought the last election in support of - she's effectively pre-rebelled against the housing and infrastructure policies of the Government she's campaigning to be a part of." Leading Lines on the ironies of the Eastleigh by-election.

Spitalfields Life photographs the fight back after fascists firebombed the anarchist Freedom Press bookshop in Whitechapel. I have stolen the photo you see here - property is theft and all that.

"It is a strange reversal of fate that makes you worry a little about your son, at the hands of an educational system that is more geared up to deal with girls.  Until 1990, it used to be the other way around," says The Real Blog.

The Atlantic Cities on the evidence that children who walk or cycle to school can concentrate better.

"Leicester’s experience with the Richard III discovery underlines that universities have powerful stories to tell about research and education that is useful, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, making the world a better place, or just plain fascinating. They should come down from the ivory tower and talk." Paul Woodgates writes in the Daily Telegraph on the lessons of the discovery of the king.

Past in the Present asks if Pimlico is still 'the poor man's Belgravia'.

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Anonymous said...

Golly! So the Tories had manifesto commmitments to smashing up the House of Lords, and sodomy and baby-killing! Who knew? Most of us thought the first two of these were down to the dodgy deal that Knave and Dick did after the election. The third isn't even on the agenda, though even the creepy Cameronistas think it should remain a matter of "conscience" (admittedly an odd word to use in front of MPs, but there we go).