Sunday, February 10, 2013

Six of the Best 322

A View from Ham Common is surprised by the Conservatives' choice of candidate for the Eastleigh by-election: "surely the Tories best chance of winning in Eastleigh is to win over disaffected Lib Dems. Maria Hutchings, I would suggest, is  more likely to send them the other way."

But maybe he shouldn't be. Mark Thompson shows that the Tory intake of 2010 is less liberal socially than their MPs who were elected in 2005.

Simon McKay on the legality and morality of police officers using the identities of dead children to conduct undercover operations.

Nearly half of all US farms now have superweeds, reports Mother Jones.

""What have you done, what have you done," Boycott muttered as it dawned on him he was out. Botham's response - allegedly, "I've run you out, you ****" - has gone down in folklore." On ESPN Cricinfo, Martin Williamson remembers the day when a young Ian Botham was given orders to run out his captain to help England win a test match.

IanVisits takes us into the vast undercroft beneath the Albert Mermorial.

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