Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cleo Rocos, David Steel and Bill Crane

On Saturday, while blogging about the death of David Penhaligon, I mentioned my favourite Tory from my days on Harborough District Council - Bill Crane from Lutterworth.

Bill was the best chairman we had on my days on the council. If two members had fallen out during a meeting he made it his business to buy them both a drink in the pub afterwards and make the peace.

Another example of his wisdom arose after a long-forgotten incident in which David Steel, then the Liberal leader, was wrestled to the ground by Cleo Rocos.

One evening before a meeting Bill came over to describe the encounter. Being originally a Sufflok man, he found it natural to add: "You could see her nellies."

He then thought for a moment and said of Steel: "I think that will do him a lot of good."

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Duncan Borrowman said...

David Steel spoke in Orpington that night at a rally celebrating the 25th anniversary of the by-election. He left after his speech instead of going to Orpington Liberal Club because "he didn't feel well and was going home". Then this appeared in the press the next day.