Saturday, April 27, 2013

Six of the Best 346

"We've come so far recently. I fear more than anything that Liberal Youth will return to the days where the HE-centric executive committee spends time ‘partying’ at our national events rather than engaging with our first time attendees. Where the executive dismisses anyone who suggests an improvement. Where committee members spend more time networking with MPs than actually doing the jobs they've been elected to do." Fighting talk from Callum Morton on the future of Liberal Youth.

Liverpool's mayoralty has seen a first year of consistent failure, argues Richard Kemp.

"One cannot fail to be shocked by the way in which the Cumbrian police have dealt with those who leaked information to the press about the excessive expenses of their recently elected Police and Crime Commissioner." Cathy James, chief executive of the whistleblowing charity Public Concern at Work, stands up for the public interest on Inforrm's Blog.

What is the best way to encourage poor families to eat more fruit and vegetables. Amazingly, find The Lifestyle Elf, the answer is to reduce the price.

All Songs Considered discovers that The Zombies, or at least Rod Argent and Colin Bluntsone, are still flourishing.

Brighton & Hove, Film and Cinema has an article on the many films that have been shot in those towns (which now make up one city).

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