Monday, April 29, 2013

The Later Careers of Moderately Successful University Bowlers of the 1970s: 2. R. le Q. Savage

Backwatersman has a post about Leicestershire's recent defeat at the hands of the Leeds/Bradford MCC Universities XI. He explains why losing to a bunch of students is not the cause for shame that it would have been a few seasons ago.

In describing the sort of players turning out for these MCC Universities sides these days he says:
It’s all a very long way from the Wingfield-Digbys and R. le Q. Savages of yore (decent players though they both were).
You will recall that I found the Revd Andrew Wingfield-Digby holding a living in the pleasant suburbs of North Oxford a couple of summers ago.

But whatever, I hear you ask, became of R le Q. Savage?

A little googling provides the answer that he is a) a teacher and, b) married to the Green MP Caroline Lucas.

Vic Marks adds:
He was a gifted bowler, who propelled fast off-breaks at about the same pace as Don Shepherd used to do. He was a very enthusiastic cricketer and quite an emotional one. I captained him for a couple of seasons in the Parks and I enjoyed the experience. But my guess is that Caroline controls him better.

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