Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Six of the Best 343

"Josh Dixon was brave enough to confront conference as a Lib Dem, arguing that the party’s heart is still in the right place and Labour were just as bad on education. He received a thunderous applause and no heckling." On the Libertine, Rich Clare describes his experience as a delegate at the National Union of Students' conference.

On the day of her funeral, The View from the Hills offers a clear-eyed verdict on the economic and political legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

A briefing from 20's Plenty explains that school safety zones should not be a priority - children benefit far more from a community-wide 20mph speed limit.

Eye Magazine (no relation) looks at the way Private Eye is laid out. Like the jokes, this has hardly changed in 50 years.

"In recent times we have seen two more spinners return from England involvement, apparently unable to bowl as they had previously. David Wainwright, crowd favourite and hero of many a rearguard battle, seemed to have 'lost' his action at the start of the 2010 season. The previous September, he had saved us from relegation with a wonderful all-round performance at Hove; now he was out of the side and drifting towards Derbyshire." ESPN cricinfo blogger Dave Morton marks the start of the domestic cricket season by questioning the effects of our national coaches.

English Buildings discovers another of those corrugated-iron churches that so please this blog. This one is in Kilburn and a cathedral of the breed.

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