Friday, December 20, 2013

Liberal Democrats gain seat in Lincolnshire by-election

Lesley Rollings gained a seat on Lincolnshire County Council from the Conservatives last night.

The voting figures in the Scotter Rural ward were:

Liberal Democrat - 746 (49.2% +26.3)
Conservative - 348 (23.6% -18.4)
UKIP - 264 (17.9% -7.1)
Independent - 137 (9.3% +9.3)

Congratulations to Lesley and her team for a tremendous campaign.

Perhaps more significant than the defeat of the Conservatives was the failure of UKIP. As their own website said:
We came second in this division in May without putting out a leaflet, so we do stand a chance of winning these seats.
There was also a by-election in the Scotter ward of West Lindsey District Council (which forms part of the larger county ward) last night. I shall post the result here when I have it.

Later. The result in the West Lindsey District Council by-election was:

Independent 529
Conservative 219
Liberal Democrat 148
UKIP 138

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