Monday, December 16, 2013

Six of the Best 406

Activist Post explains why 500 innocent Americans are shot dead by the police each year.

It is completely unacceptable for children to be placed in adult mental health wards, says Aled  Roberts on Freedom Central.

Matthew Taylor (not the former Lib Dem MP) passes on two accounts of the baleful effect of the current inspection regime for schools: "Understand that any sixth form discussion of a complex topic, which lasted longer than a few minutes, would be graded as unsatisfactory, because the boxes could not be ticked for the inspector."

"I see the current small, but growing, community of archaeological bloggers as so many militant moles who are mining away at the foundations of those loathsome ivory towers that were erected in the ‘50s and 60s to keep our fascinating subject above and beyond the aspirations of ordinary people. Who knows, but with luck we’ll soon bring them crashing to the ground." The mighty Francis Pryor makes his contribution to the archaeology blogging festival.

"Decorations were hung on Christmas Eve (it was considered unlucky to bring greenery into the house before Christmas)." The Jane Austen Giftshop tells us about Christmas in the old girl's day.

John McGowan, on Discursive of Tunbridge Wells, celebrates the work of the writer and illustrator Shirley Hughes: "Hughes is as accurate a witness to childhood as any psychologist, and it’s this quality that characterises the greatest children’s fiction."

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