Monday, December 02, 2013

Six of the Best 403

John Whitehouse on Liberal Democrat Voice is right to suggest that we should hear more discussion of the opportunity cost of spending £50bn on HS2.

"You hear it all the time – the Government’s cuts are 'ideological' (i.e. bad), the Green Party’s opposition to nuclear is 'ideological' (i.e. invalid). Just as Cameron denied the charge, Greens sometimes protest that their opposition to nuclear power isn't ideological. Hang on a second, aren't they all involved in politics?" Tom Chance's Blog is also right to defend the concept of 'ideology'.

Diary of a Hack puts the boot in to Owen Jones and the last Labour government. He's right too.

The negative portrayals of welfare recipients in the UK press are in contrast to the positive stories which dominate Swedish and Danish mass media, says Christian Albrekt Larsen on the LSE's EUROPP blog.

Living with Rats says it is time to rethink local economies through food: "After five years of austerity and with more to come, the need to rethink local economies is more pressing than ever. Governments are not going to do it for us. The big society has evaporated as a political idea. Many of the new private sector jobs are precarious, low-wage roles with few prospects, barely keeping body and soul together."

Sixty-three years after his film debut, James Fox is interviewed for the Guardian by Simon Hattenstone.

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