Monday, December 16, 2013

Northampton Past and Present 1

I have come across a series of short videos (cut from one longer film) about the history and buildings of Northampton. They were shot in 1992, so their past and present has become past and past.

Rob, who made the film, warns: "Unless you have an interest in Northampton, or in history, you may find them a bit heavy-going." But I am sure we all have those interests here.

This first video shows you more of the last days of the Emporium Arcade, which Ian Nairn also witnessed.


Anonymous said...

Look at what the barbarians destroyed in the Market Square, and weep. The Emporium Arcade was a fine and majestic building. What did the developers replace it with? Ugly, brutal, 'modernist' structures which glower over the market stalls. And the Peacock Hotel, demolished 10 years before - what a waste.

Anonymous said...

Grosvenor Estates, flagship company of the 6th Duke of Westminster, carried out this willful destruction for personal profit. You might think he has enough money, at 8.5 billion, but no...