Friday, December 20, 2013

Watson Fothergill of Nottingham

In Nottingham looking for the Five Leaves Bookshop last Saturday, I came across this piece of Victorian fantasy.

It turned out to be the offices of the local architect Watson Fothergill, who was responsible for many buildings in the city and beyond.

Among them are the former home of the Nottingham Express, with its busts of Gladstone, Cobden and Bright and plaque to the memory of Graham Greene, who used to work there as a journalist.


FamHistMan said...

It's a shame they knocked down his historic home of similar design to make way for the bloody awful Maid Marian Way. I'd hope to think nowadays they would have at least tried to move it.

Philip Wilkinson said...

Brilliant architect, not widely known outside Nottingham. It's good to see his work given a place in the sun.