Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Liberal England in 2013 - part 4

We've had part 1. We've had part 2. We've even had part 3.

But something is missing. So here is part 4.


Ad Lib magazine appears to have decided it can get along without me, but I did write a column for its first year mythologising the mighty Chief Whip:
“…and I can’t be in two places at one time,” I finished triumphantly. 
“Nonsense,” said the Chief Whip, “I do it all the time. Go back out and get him to vote.”
I explained who John Moore was for my younger readers and welcomed Norman Baker to the Home Office.

While gypsies stole our children, I said HS2 was an example of solutioneering.

Talking of railways, I found this wonderful footage of the last days of Melton Mowbray North.


I quoted Paddy Ashdown on the treatment of prisoners of war, Malcolm Saville in reply to Nick Clegg and Bryan Magee in reply to Boris Johnson.

The blogger Stuart Syvret was imprisoned on Jersey and I posted my music favourite music video of the year...


"There isn't any UKIP in Scotland. It's been wiped out," said its former chairman there. I asked if it would evolve into an English nationalist party.

I revealed how Peter Cook almost fought Hampstead for the Liberal Democrats and also the story of the Master Mind box.

Nick Clegg's inquiry into briefing against Vince Cable appeared to be making slow progress.

I praised Graeme Swann, despite his rather precipitous retirement and it turned out to be a rather M.R. James Christmas.

Reader's voice: Shouldn't there be a picture or a video or something?

Liberal England replies grudgingly: Oh, all right then.

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