Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Rutland Times wins Headline of the Year

Thank you to everyone who took part in my Headline of the Year poll. The results are now in.


In fifth place was the Daily Mail:

Angela Lansbury says men's sex obsession can make women gay

That's Dame Angela Lansbury now, of course.


In fourth place was the Kingston Guardian:

Dog castrated after rescue by Richmond Park and North Kingston MP Zac Goldsmith's mother

I suspect I need to thank Living on Words Alone for drawing this one to my attention.


In third place was Metro:

Cannabis factory discovered when police open car windows after officer kept breaking wind

And the story came from Leicester too!


In second place was the International Business Times with its surreal and politically pleasing:

Far-right extremists chased through London by women dressed as badgers


And in first place was the Rutland Times with:

Suspected smoke over Colsterworth turns out to be a cloud

The International Business Times was an early leader, but once the Rutland block vote kicked in there could be only one winner.


Here's to 2014 and another year of great headlines. Only today a reader sent me another Rutland Times story involving the very same village:

Burglars steal dozens of socks in Colsterworth break-in

It's clear which paper and which village will be the ones to beat in next year's poll.

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wolfi said...

What about this:
"Dog-walkers beware! Draconian UK law to protect US ‘drone-operating’ bases"
Just saw it on Rusia Today, the Russian international news - they have some interestings things and a somewhat different outlook ...
Oh, I totally forgot:

Happy New Year!