Friday, January 03, 2014

Six of the Best 410

Contrasting Sounds agrees with Paddy Ashdown on the importance of trust.

There are an alarming number of deaths in US jails, says Tara Tabachnick in the Guardian.

"We were playing a game of 'First one to spot a famous person'. I won. I spotted…ahem…Lembit Opik. He was brandishing a microphone with a TV cameraman at his shoulder." Liberal Burblings on being interviewed in the street by Lembit Opik for Iranian-funded TV.

Thanks to the way the Coalition's cuts have been loaded on to local government, we are closing public libraries. At the end of the 19th century, as London Historitage shows us, they were being opened and living accommodation was provided for the librarian.

BBC News Magazine shows us 10 extraordinary sacred sites around Britain.

"The sense of Mazzini’s murders as distressing crimes is lessened by this depiction of the D’Ascoyne family as a privileged superorganism whose parts were merely expendable appendages of a bigger beast. But it might also be a disturbing picture of class warfare – attacking an entrenched aristocracy requires blindness to the individual rights of the persons who comprise it – and the winner does not overturn the system, but merely takes up the same position at its head. Mazzini longs to occupy, not demolish the manor he sees as his birthright."  Spectacular Attractions analyses Kind Hearts and Coronets.

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