Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swann Song - a power ballad for England's great spinner

There was a lot to enjoy in last night's Not Just Cricket. We got an honest analysis of England's failure in Australia, while the bromance between Graeme Swann and Jimmy Anderson reminds us that there is a lot to like about this team if only the players are allowed to express themselves.

I also like the way that my teenage hero Mike Brearley has become an almost mythic figure for modern players. As another BBC page reports it:
Swann also gave his backing to captain Alastair Cook, saying not even legendary skipper Mike Brearley could have turned around a failing team.
But perhaps best of all is this eighties power ballad composed in honour of Swann.

He has earned it. When will we next see an England spinner who can win tests and makes the game exciting?

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