Saturday, January 18, 2014

Six of the Best 414

Karen Wilkinson on Liberal Democrat Voice updates us on the campaign against the government's enthusiasm for fining or jailing parents who take their children on holiday in term time.

Moderate Labourite Hopi Sen is bemused by the way his party's high command has suddenly become keen on cooperation with the Lib Dems: "Labour moderates, already suspect due to their liberal deviations, would face ... agonies in any Lib-Lab coalition.  Centrist ministers would be tarred at PLP meetings,  be accused of a lack of backbone at policy commissions, be berated at conference for secretly agreeing with Nick Clegg."

Why did Friedrich Hayek support a basic income? Matt Zwolinski explains on

"Eliot wrote to a bereaved friend. 'I try to delight in the sunshine that will be when I shall never see it any more. And I think it is possible for this sort of ­impersonal life to attain great intensity,—possible for us to gain much more ­independence, than is usually believed, of the small bundle of acts that make our own personality.'" Kathryn Schulz writes for Vulture on the greatness of Middlemarch and the goodness of George Eliot.

Unmitigated England discovers the monuments in the church at Warkton, just outside Kettering.

StyleIte has 23 vintage advertisements that remind of the days when, for women, 'skinny' meant unattractive.

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