Saturday, January 25, 2014

David Jack and Credit Card Killer revisited

In January 2010 David Jack was forced to resign as Liberal Democrat PPC for Stoke-on-Trent North after claims were made that he had sent racist emails.

He was later exonerated by Bradford police after a 10-month investigation during which his computers were seized and his servers searched. (The investigation was carried out by Bradford police because the formal complaint against him was made from that city.)

At the time David Jack was involved in exposing a number of dodgy finance companies who claimed to be able to get people's debts paid off by exploiting vaguely defined "loopholes" in credit law. However, those people were first asked to make a payment...

Foremost among those companies was Credit Card Killer, so it is interesting to read this BBC News story from September 2012:
A Staffordshire man has been jailed for four years after fraudulently claiming he could clear people's debts. 
Basil Rankine, 46, and his wife Amanda, 36, were convicted of a total of 14 offences, including fraud and providing misleading information. 
The couple, of Somerset Avenue, Rugeley, made more than £1m in fees through their firm Credit Card Killer by promising to buy up debt. 
Amanda Rankine was given a two-year jail sentence suspended for 18 months. 
The couple were also banned from being directors of a company for seven years.


David Jack said...

The person making the original allegation about the email was an agent from Bradford who worked for Credit Card Killer. He had complained to the Party about me trying to close their company down. Sadly the party leadership gave me no support at all. The shadow minister for claims regulation at the time was Lorely Burt, she did nothing to investigate the matter despite my providing details of this scam and another scam in which 200,000 people were victim. The whole saga left a bad taste in my mouth towards politicians and the legal system in this country.

helenpcourtevidenceprivate said...

At least Bradford Police cleared you. When I complained to Leicestershire Police - named the culprit and gave an IP address the police tipped the miscreant off and tried to stitch me up. I was able to prove it was a local councillor whilst observing a court case. But that's Rutland for you. Be years ever so high in local politics the old Bill will exonerate you of any crime. They are after all 'partners'' with local councils. Operation Tiberius should be extended outside the Met and Londo where they've found corruption so endemic the police can't get the real criminals.prosecuted. Police corruption is always covered up and ignorin the vain hope it'll all stop. Unfortunately it's left the police unfit for purpose..