Sunday, January 05, 2014

Six of the Best 411

A Scottish Liberal dissects some myths about bisexuality.

"The arrangement by which the debt - now £30bn, soon to be £50bn - was kept off the government’s books was always one of those ridiculous artifices that plague the way that politics is conducted and make the functioning of the state so obscure and incomprehensible for the ordinary public." Christian Wolmar on the news that Network Rail’s debt will simply be lumped in with the government’s from September 2014.

The Daily Beast remembers Crass, the British punk band that fooled Reagan, Thatcher and the CIA.

IanVisits explores the remains of a strange tunnel near London's Embankment.

Never mind Australia whitewashing of England in the men's Ashes. The women's game is on the up here, reports Alison Mitchell on Cricinfo.

"Uncle Ern and his cronies are moving against Phil and Andy, and all the diaries and papers of mysterious Grandfather Ebenezer are being deciphered by an expert on antique railways who has conveniently moved into the area, when suddenly Phil begins dreaming, fair Philippa Pearceishly, of life in the time of Ebenezer, ‘like a play seen some time ago, then half forgotten,’ and talks to his ancestors, though his memories afterward are hazy. Is he a ghost to them?" A Pile of Leaves looks at one of my childhood favourites - The Viaduct by Roy Brown.

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