Thursday, January 02, 2014

The top independent political bloggers on Twitter

A Very Public Sociologist has published his list of the 100 independent bloggers with the most followers on Twitter.

He explains:
It's the list no one has been waiting for. We've had the list of bloggers who dominate the Twitter feeds of folk interested in UK politics. And, as we know, it has grown progressively colonised by professionals. The list below is of the normal bloggers, of those political people who write independently of any media organisation, think tank or party. ... 
I've also taken LabourList and ConHome out of the running this year. While they have their own stable of bloggers, some of whom are independent, both are professional outfits with employees and are basically arms-length extensions of the parent party. However, I've kept LibDem Voice in solely because it's a voluntary effort.
Looking down the list, I have spotted eight Liberal Democrat bloggers:

22 Liberal Democrat Voice (11,500 followers)
24 Mark Thompson (11,149 followers)
46 Mark Pack (7,692 followers)
76 Stephen Tall (3,638 followers)
79 Liberal England (3,468 followers)
82 Caron's Musings (3,097 followers)
91 Liberal Burblings (2,242 followers)
95 Louise Shaw (2,090 followers)