Thursday, April 10, 2014

"I. Harrison": A Leicester acrostic

The land behind what became The Empire in Leicester was developed by Issac Harrison.

And don't we know it!

Have a look at the initial letters of the names of the terraced streets in the map above. Their initial letters spell out "I. Harrison".

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Gawain said...

Immortality. What fun! Shades of the Duke of Buckingham,who sold his Thames-side mansion York House to developers (in 1672! plus ca change!) but made it a condition of sale that his name and full title should be commemorated by George Street, Villiers Street, Duke Street, Of Alley, and Buckingham Street. The most contrived, Of Alley, has been renamed York Place; Duke Street is now John Adam Street and George Street is now York Buildings but Villiers Street remains and hosts the very fabulous Gordon's Wine Bar, which I'm sure any old Liberal who worked in the NLC will know. The watergate to the house still survives in Embankment Gardens, some 50 yards+ from the Thames.