Sunday, April 27, 2014

Neon Trees: Everybody Talks

Neon Trees, a band from Provo, Utah, has been invading the timeline of my work Twitter account because their new LP is called Pop Psychology.

Everybody Talks is their biggest hit so far, It reached no. 6 in the US charts (and no. 192 in the UK charts) in 2011.

Wikipedia explains the video:
It features the band at a 1950s-esque drive-in watching a movie called "Zombie Bikers From Hell." 
In the film, band members are playing music to the song inside a cabin when they're attacked by a group of zombies who are leather-clad motorcycle riders. Tyler (the lead singer) is the only one to escape, while the other band members are slaughtered by the zombies, offscreen, to the horror of the audience members at the drive-in. 
Meanwhile, in "real life" (the drive-in) a girl wearing red sunglasses starts seducing various male patrons. Once she and the men are alone in a secluded area, she reveals herself to be a fire-breathing vampire and eats them. 
In the film, Tyler hitches a ride from a girl in red-sunglasses. As they drive off in a white van, Tyler's fate remains unknown. However, Tyler, and the girl are present at the drive-in. The girl who drove up in the van at the end of the movie is the same girl who the band drove up to the cabin in.

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Frank Little said...

The name "Provo, Utah" brings back mixed memories of Novell network software.