Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Nick Clegg to show some emotion in second debate

From tomorrow's Guardian:
Nick Clegg will go into the second of his two televised debates with Nigel Farage on Europe on Wednesday night presenting himself as the head of a movement to stop the Ukip leader. 
He left the first debate last week determined to show a more emotional side, admitting to his staff that he had become bogged down in statistical disputes with Farage that probably left viewers disengaged. 
The debate was punctuated with disputes over the number of Bulgarian migrants, the dependency of the UK labour force on Europe and the proportion of UK laws drawn up by Brussels.
This is the right lesson for Nick to draw from the first debate. He was very good on the reasons why it would be difficult and misguided for us to withdraw from the European Union: he had less to say about the positive reasons why we should want to stay in.

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