Saturday, April 12, 2014

Michael Ignatieff: Academic philosophy and practical politics

Michael Ignatieff, a kinsman of Nick Clegg, is in the unusual position of having seen both philosophy and politics from the inside. He had a career as an academic and as a writer and presenter (in British arts broadcasting) before entering politics and going on to become leader of Canada's opposition. He lost heavily in the 2011 Prime Ministerial election.

In a Philosophy Bites podcast interview with Nigel Warburton he discusses the relationship between theory and practice in politics, the moral ambiguities, and the necessity of having dirty hands to be effective.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting because of its source.

Depressing because of its content.

The one-time leader of the most successful Liberal party of modern times, albeit not its most successful leader, and a professor of philosophy argues that "political philosophy"; "public policy" and "gaining power" are three separate boxes.