Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Alistair Carmichael: Shetland may reconsider its place in Scotland after yes vote

An article published on the Guardian website this evening has, judging by the comments put the cat among the pigeons:
Oil-rich Shetland may want to reconsider whether it stays part of an independent Scotland in the event of a yes vote, the Scotland secretary, Alistair Carmichael, has said. 
In an interview with the Guardian, Carmichael said if the islands were to vote strongly no but the Scottish national vote was a narrow yes, then a "conversation about Shetland's position and the options that might be open to it" would begin. 
The Liberal Democrat MP, who represents Orkney and Shetland in Westminster and has been secretary of state for Scotland in the coalition government since last October, said those options might include the islands modelling themselves on the Isle of Man, which is a self-governing crown dependency, or on the Faroe Islands, which are an autonomous country within the Danish realm. 
Asked if he was suggesting that Alex Salmond should not necessarily take for granted that oilfields off Shetland will belong to Scotland in the event of a yes vote, he said: "That would be one of the things that we would want to discuss. I wouldn't like to predict at this stage where the discussions would go." 
His comments were echoed by Tavish Scott, Shetland's MSP, who, when asked whether Shetland would have to obey the will of Scotland if it voted yes, said: "Will it now? We'll have to look at our options. We're not going to be told what to do by Alex Salmond." 
Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceThe option of becoming a crown dependency was "something we will look at", Scott said, though he ruled out considering full independence for the islands.

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Mike@Bit About Britain said...

Hmm - you could end up with some regions part of an independent Scotland and others affiliated to the UK. Where does it end?! Yet another Pandora's Box? All we can say for sure is that it ain't gonna be easy, whichever way it goes. Interesting blog!