Sunday, September 14, 2014

Six of the Best 464

"This is not a national independence movement that requires any struggle or sacrifice but rather one that promises that nothing and everything will change. Keep the Queen, the open border, the currency - you'll hardly notice a thing, except your wallet becoming a bit fatter. It is the lie of painlessness and that it is so widely-believed is storing up trouble for the future for this country, regardless of the outcome. For who do you imagine the nationalists will blame if they're denied this decaffeinated national rebirth, or if they get it and then realise it isn't how they were told to imagine it? Certainly not themselves." Shuggy pus his finger on the dishonesty of the Yes campaign.

Towards the Sound of Gunfire reveals how thin on the ground Liberal Democrats now are in many parts of the country.

David Hencke on a crunch week for the child sex abuse inquiry.

On the Spiked Review of Books, Bruno Waterfield stands up for George Orwell against Will Self.

"The man who had created the world’s greatest detective never knew how badly astray his own investigation had gone. In part to avoid embarrassing him, Elsie and Frances did not reveal the secret of the paper cutouts until long after his death." Mary Losure, on The Public Domain Review, looks at Arthur Conan Doyle and the fairies.

Retronaut presents maps from the Festival of Britain.
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

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