Thursday, September 04, 2014

Six of the Best 462

Iain Brodie-Brown says the Liberal Democrats should rethink their post-election strategy: be prepared to enter a confidence-and-supply arrangement and abandon the pledge to deal first with the largest party.

"One of the less obvious side shows to the defection of Douglas Carswell MP from the Tories to UKIP has been the report that he may be taking his data with him – detailed data about his constituents, it appears, and according to the Daily Mail people at UKIP are ‘purring’ at the prospect of getting hold of the data." Paul Bernal looks at the legal and moral questions raised when MPs change party and seek to take their data with them.

"I met a woman once with an exhausting history of mental difficulties who was married to a headteacher. Her husband had charge of her medication and she told me she couldn't help noticing that, when they had any kind of argument, he increased her dose." David Boyle on health professionals who threaten patients.

Facebook’s Report Abuse button has become a tool of global oppression, says Russell Brandom on The Verge.

Miles Goslett in the Oldie points out that the BBC is still concealing the truth about who knew what and when about Jimmy Savile.

Alan White from Buzzfeed looks at the unlikely rise, fall and rise of Viz.

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