Monday, November 24, 2014

Lembit Opik fails to beat the Liberal Democrats

Lembit Opik was in Rochester and Strood as "media adviser" to fringe candidate Charlotte Rose.

“Charlotte calls herself a ‘sexual therapist’," Lembit told BuzzFeed News, "because it’s less loaded but, yes, she is essentially a sex worker. But she does it in a way which is absolutely open and honest, and I’d say her profession and the way she does it is more honest than a lot of politicians,"

How did Lembit and his candidate get on? Over to Andy McSmith:
In 2010, the Lib Dems lost Montgomeryshire, a seat which they or the Liberals had held for 96 of the previous 110 years. Lembit Opik, the Lib Dem MP who pulled off this rare defeat, has been consistent ever since, in that everything he has tried has turned to disaster. 
His latest in an unbroken run was to act as “media adviser” to Charlotte Rose, the sex worker who contested the Rochester by-election. The target was for Ms Rose to beat the 56 votes she harvested in the Clacton by-election. With Opik’s help, she scored 43.
That's right. He couldn't even beat the Liberal Democrats.

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