Sunday, November 23, 2014

Six of the Best 475

"Using a language that is jargon-filled, complex and often baffling, those in charge of our economies have made some catastrophic decisions that only a few individuals really understood." The School of Life draws on John Lanchester's new book to help us 'speak money'.

Jim Armitage reveals how foreign governments make hundreds of millions of pounds a year running British public services.

Does Interstellar owe a debt to the brilliant 1961 British sci-fi movie The Day The Earth Caught Fire? Mark Kermode thinks it does.

The Bradshaw's Guide Michael Portillo brandishes on his travels is not the one that was famous in the 19th century. Turner Railway History explains.

"How do you save a game that demands hours when many people only want to give minutes, that only reveals its secrets slowly when everybody wants instant gratification?" David Hopps on the crisis in recreational cricket in England and Wales.

Caitlin Green discovers a sorcerer's stronghold in Nottinghamshire.

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