Friday, November 28, 2014

Stewart Lee on the ironies of Endemol

From a New Statesman interview with the comedian by Rob Pollard:
Jimmy Carr very kindly got me on 8 Out Of 10 Cats once and they were all making fun of Big Brother, and I said something like: "Isn't it funny how this programme and Big Brother are both made by the same company, Endemol". And it was as if Endemol creates a product which it knows is ridiculous and exploitative, but it also creates a programme which satirises it and it makes money out of both of them. 
And the people in the audience, started booing – I don’t know why – and then Jimmy Carr said to me: "I can honestly say of everything that’s ever been said on this programme, that’s the least likely to make the edit." 
I sort of thought it was funny; I wasn't trying to be obstructive. I just thought it was funny how people can sit there and not realise the irony of that.

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