Thursday, November 27, 2014

Steve Webb is the Spectator's Minister of the Year

The Spectator’s 27th Parliamentarian of the Year awards were given out at the Savoy Hotel this afternoon.

There was a Liberal Democrat victor in the shape of Steve Webb, who won Minister of the Year. Congratulations.

In his speech Fraser Nelson said:
"He has many admirers in Westminster, but his party leader isn't one of them. Back in the days where the Lib Dems polled in double digits, Nick Clegg was overheard saying the following of our winner: 'He's a problem. We need someone with good ideas – and his just don’t add up."
"As it turns out, his ideas did add up: flat-rate State Pension, the triple-lock, auto-enrolment. All complex and far-reaching pensions reforms. As a result, Brits have more options than ever when they're 64. The Chancellor may have stolen the credit for all this but today, we’re stealing it back."


Anonymous said...

If there were more Steve Webbs in Politics the World would be a much better place. Well done Steve & thank you.

Anonymous said...

Minister of the year??? Well, there wasn't a lot of competition amongst the present omnishambles government!