Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Theresa May joins the Stasi

Imagine a country where the citizenry are denied the most modern means of communication,

Why? Because allowing them to be used would make it difficult for the state to spy on those citizens.

The old East Germany?

No, the United Kingdom under Theresa May.

1 comment: said...

Inviolable conferences between lawyer and client are not and haven't been sacrosanct for some time it seems. Theresa May hasn't an iota of respect for democratic processes, but rolls over for our out of control security services. The Stasi are here - saw an online advert recruiting for MI6/SIS today. 'Don't watch the news - Shape it'. In what universe has it become acceptable for 6 to admit shaping the future? The security services are meant to be the servants of government not vice versa. They have been allowed to assume Stasi like power without check or hindrance by Ms May and yo be fair her Labour predecessors.