Sunday, November 02, 2014

Six of the Best 472

"With only six months to go the key battle of the election does not seem to have started. In fact due to the fog of war ... it is not even clear that the protagonists have identified where the battlefield is." Alun Wyburn-Powell on the parties' puzzling strategies.

Positive Liberty rediscovers the lost political tradition of radical liberalism.

We urban moderns  have an unrealistic view of death, argues Craig Bowron in the Washington Post.

"Until the 1960s almost all television was live and unrecorded so, while film and theatre reviewers addressed a potential audience, TV critics reheated last night’s viewing for the benefit of people who either had already seen it or would never see it." Joe Moran looks at the history of television reviewing for the Financial Times.

Sophie Gadd visits the losers' cafe from The Apprentice for the Daily Mirror and finds it a surprisingly delightful experience.

English Buildings finds an ocean liner in the Marylebone Road.

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