Monday, January 12, 2015

Lembit Opik, Nelson Mandela and Jodie Marsh

Thanks to Nick Barlow for drawing this important development to our attention.

Wales Online reports:
Former Welsh MP Lembit Opik says he is backing bodybuilding glamour girl Jodie Marsh to enter politics. 
Opik, 49, says Marsh, who has made documentaries on plastic surgery, steroids, virginity, cheating men and mail order brides, would be a "breathe [sic] of fresh air" and a "sensible, alternative, important" voice in politics. 
Marsh announced she planned to become an MP in October 2013, saying: "If I ran the country it would be a lot better."
Ex Liberal Democrat MP for Montgomeryshire Opik, who met Marsh on Channel 4’s Celebrity Come Dine With Me, said: "She speaks her mind, has strong views, a campaigning instinct and can’t be bullied. 
"Those are four very valuable assets at a time when a lot of politicians just want to keep their heads down. She’d be very busy making noise for the things she believes in."
Eighteen months ago Lembit fancied himself as a pop impresario, announcing that he was to promote the Southampton starlet Rozii Chaos.

I can find nothing recent about her online. Let us hope Jodie Marsh gains more from his support.

But what of Lembit's own career? He tells Wales Online:
"Every major statesman needs the wilderness years. Nelson Mandela had them and I suppose that’s my lot, too, so I’m ruling nothing out at this stage."
Later. I suspect this is not the first time Lembit has drawn this parallel. Certainly, he said the same thing to Lord Bonkers in 2011.

Upon which his lordship remarked:
I may have been a little short with him after that, but who can blame me? 
My old friend Nelson Mandela spent his wilderness years imprisoned on Arjen Robben Island; he did not spend them appearing on "Celebrity Coach Trip" alongside Michael Barrymore, John McCririck and someone called ‘Wagner’ from something called "The X Factor".

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