Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Madeleine Moxham and Charles Masterman

Honest London has a brief interview with Madeleine Moxham, founder of the jewellery and accessories brand MOXHAM and resident of Camberwell.

Asked which current or historical London figure would you most like to meet, Medeleine unexpectedly and wonderfull replies:
"Liberal politician Charles Masterman - lived in Camberwell and laid the foundations of the welfare state."
That is a generous description, but as Masterman was the minister who took Lloyd George's health insurance measures in the face of opposition from the Conservatives and the medical profession, it is not an inaccurate one.

There is a lot about Charles Masterman on this blog, including an article I wrote about his career, particularly his role in First Word War propaganda, for Liberator last year.

Incidentally, Madeleine continues:
"Plus Victoria Beckham… that would make for an interesting dinner party."

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