Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Beerhouse, Market Harborough

This afternoon I finally made it to Market Harborough's newest pub, the Beerhouse. You will find it just off St Mary's Road.

The building, it has to be admitted, is not a thing of beauty, but inside you will find a pleasant atmosphere and an impressive selection of good beer, perry and cider.

I had a chat with Jon Pollard, whose project the Beerhouse is and who once wrote a guest post - "The perfect Christmas gift for a carer" - for this blog.

There is more about micropubs on the Micropub Association website. And more about Jon's plans in the Harborough Mail.


wolfi said...

Jonathan, I've read (maybe here?) that many pubs in the UK had to close and there will be more closings.
That's areal pity! I have many fond memories - starting with my first visit to Canterbury in the summer of 1965 for a language course.
A bit OT:
There's a pub (well it used to be a restaurant) in my German home town that I've been visiting as a regular (Stammgast) for almost 50 years - and nothing there has changed ...

Phil Beesley said...

My best wishes to Jon Pollard.

You'll never known whether the idea works until you try it.