Thursday, January 29, 2015

Six of the Best 490

"Russia is a declared hostile power that intends to weaken or destroy both the EU and NATO. Once this critical fact is understood, it becomes very clear that the West must answer the threat from this barbarian state or risk following Rome into a dark ages of similar criminality and violence." Strong stuff from Cicero's Songs, but I fear there is a lot in what he says.

Mark Valladares charts the rise and fall of Liberal Democrat blogging.

"I genuinely thought no one outside the Conservative party would have the nerve still to be using that line." Alex Marsh is not impressed by Nick Clegg's resuscitation of a Greek myth.

Joshua Rothman asks why academic writing is academic.

Diana J. Hale pays a New Year's Day visit to Ely.

"Perhaps the humble county of Leicestershire has (or certainly had until very recently!) more examples of the game of skittles as played at pubs and clubs than any other county in Britain." Shove it, Chuck it, Toss it... on another of our claims to fame.

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