Thursday, January 01, 2015

Liberal England in 2014: Part 4

Read part 1, part 2 and part 3.


The month began with Liberal England being voted Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year.

So powerful is the accompanying curse that I had to spend 13 hours at my mother's house the following day looking after her. She hurt her back in the summer, spent some time in hospital and has needed a lot of help ever since.

But I managed to defy the curse and keep Liberal England going - though maybe with a bit less politics and more quirky videos and links to other people's articles. And certainly with fewer photographs from days out.

Anyway, in October I suggested in the House Magazine that the only strategy open to the Liberal Democrats is KBO - keep buggering on.

I became obsessed with two videos: Queenie Watts on the Isle of Dogs and The Elephant Will Never Forget, on the last day of London's trams.

And I asked if all Liberal leadership contests are essentially Steel vs Pardoe.


My interest in the forgotten Anglia TV soap opera Weavers Green (which was perhaps not shared by all my readers) culminated in the discover that an entire episode is on the net.

I approved of Ian Dunt's comment that Norman Baker "accomplished more in one year ... than most people do in their entire career".

The release of The Imitation Game led me to remember meeting someone who knew Alan Turing.

I met one of this blogs heroes, Matthew Sweet, when he gave a lecture for the department where I studied for my MA.

Oh, and Ukip gained a council seat from the SDP.


I reviewed Who Decides? by Paul Tyler, and Lord Bonkers remembered the glory days of Oakham Studios.

BBC Radio Four's 'revelation' about Jeremy Thorpe appeared to be not such a revelation after all.

I urged readers to help save the Wolsey Angels and Flip Chart Rick visited modern Trumptonshire.

Let's end with a December afternoon in Market Harborough.

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