Monday, January 19, 2015

Liberal Democrat councillor joins Ukip

The Leicester Mercury carries the surprising news that Diane Horne, a Liberal Democrat town councillor from Shepshed, is to stand as a Ukip candidate for the authority in May.

Yes, she is only a town councillor, but she also hopes to be elected to Charnwood Borough Council for one of the town's wards at the same time.

Diane Horne explains her move:
"I'm not against Europe but I am for the British people having control of the country. 
"I am not against all immigration but I am against illegal immigration and I think that a person coming here should already have a job to and should be paying taxes. 
"UKIP seemed to make sense to me. I thought about not standing at all but I have been serving this community for more than nine years and I didn’t want that to go to waste."


Jon said...

UKIP: Trash Can of British politics

crewegwyn said...

A very confused rationale. She also expresses concern about what the Lib Dems "are thinking of doing to the NHS" (huh?). Not that UKIP would ever think of doing anything detrimental to the NHS .......