Monday, January 18, 2016

Alan Rickman's brother is a member of Harborough District Council

Alan Rickman's sad death last week revealed that his brother Michael is a member of Harborough District Council.

The Leicester Mercury has published a short article, quoting his tweets, where he thanks fans for their kind messages and says simply and movingly "I am broken."

Michael Rickman is the Conservative member for the Nevill ward, which includes the villages around Hallaton and Medbourne.

It is named after Nevill Holt, which most literary theorists now believe to be the inspiration for Bonkers Hall.

Back in the 1980s the SDP's only county councillor in Leicestershire was the brother of the film director Stephen Frears.

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To Michael Rickman. I was very sorry to hear about Alan's passing. You are very lucky to have had him for a brother. I'm sorry I never met him, he was by all accounts a lovely man and will be sadly missed. Jane McDermott