Friday, January 08, 2016

Two Nottingham folk heroes: Robin Hood and Brian Clough

Experience Nottinghamshire tells the story of the city's statue of Robin Hood:
On 24th July 1952, the statue of Robin Hood was unveiled by the Duchess of Portland on the Robin Hood Lawn, beneath Nottingham Castle, in the remains of the moat on Castle Road. 
It was a warm sunny day when 500 schoolchildren sat attentively on the grass in the special VIP enclosure to watch the ceremony of the statue and its complementary plaques and sculptures being revealed to the public, accompanied by a fanfare from the band of the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment. 
Cast in eight pieces of half-inch thick bronze (made to last 6,000 years) and weighing half a ton, the 7ft effigy of Nottingham's legendary outlaw proudly stands on a two-and-a-half ton block of white Clipsham stone.
The statue of Brian Clough was erected in the city centre in 2008.

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